Executive Dashboard Course

The term Dashboard can be translated as “dashboard”, in which a large volume of key information can be consolidated, visually appealing and effective, aiming at a quick analysis of data and indicators for important decision making.

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Details to Know


At the end of the course students should be able to:

Use the Microsoft Office Excel application in a productive way in the construction and customization of professional dashboards through the use of functions and resources applied exclusively to its construction;

Build interactive graphics associated with dashboards and learn how to distribute information intuitively and in an orderly way;

Create dynamic Dashboards in Excel using graphs, tables and other application tools aiming at querying, analyzing and visualising information in different ways.

Target Audience

Professionals and all those interested in taking advantage of the different features of Excel in the construction of Dashboards, obtaining a quick analysis of data with important indicators and who want to improve the management of their areas, optimizing reporting and increasing agility in decision making


Have attended the Excel-advanced course or have equivalent knowledge of the application.

Participants must bring their computer with EXCEL 2013 or higher.



  • Monthly closings
  • Preparation of management reports
  • Cost optimization
  • Taxation

GF is not limited to processing documents. Customer support is an inherent practice that translates into a relationship of closeness and trust.


  • Economic Feasibility Studies

  • Investment Projects

  • Business Plan for SMEs

  • Procedures and Processes

Proposed solutions and follow-up on the implementation of the recommended measures to solve the problems

Human Resources

  • Social Security enrollments;
  • Processing wages and allowances;
  • Registration and processing of absences, vacations, casualties;
  • IRPS treatment;
  • Delivery of documentation to official entities (Labor Inspection, Social Security, Finance, INEFP, etc.).


  • Accounting;
  • Asset / Asset Management;
  • Taxation;
  • Treasury Management;
  • Human resource Management;
  • Entrepreneurship vs Business Plan;
  • Economic feasibility studies for projects;

GF Business


Who we are?

GF Business Consulting is a Mozambican company specialized in consulting and technical assistance in management through the provision of national and international standard services in the areas of: Accounting, Taxation, Consulting and Human Resources. We are guided by the excellence of the services provided, the quality of the relationship with the client, the continuous improvement of processes and services and a flexible approach


Our professionals, from different sectors of economic activity, have extensive experience in the business area. It is with this potential for synergies that we promote side by side with SMEs, the desired development sustained by solutions designed for each client and that respond to legal requirements and market demand.

About Us


    Provide support and support to the management of SMEs through accounting, taxation, consultancy, HR and timely production of reliable and useful financial information for decision making.


    To be a reference partner for SMEs, through a flexible approach and support to management, based on excellence and continuous improvement of processes and services, relationship with customers and valuing our human resources


    • Integrity and Responsibility
    • Transparency
    • Technical Competence and Teamwork
    • Readiness

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Cell: (+258) 86 55 80 399

Av. Paulo S. Kankhomba, 1063, Maputo

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